Dantarian September 19 ’11

2011 Theme – Reach Within to Embrace Humanity

September 19, 2011

September is New Generations Month. It could be called “the month of our future” because investing in our youth is our future. Rotarians take pride in the fact that we have youth programs for just about every age group with Rotarians serving as active, caring sponsors. Source

Today September 19 – A big Danville WELCOME to Assemblymember  Joan Buchanan
GREETER: Justin Clark   RIS: Lori Sato

Last Week – Board meeting. Pres Bob can give us a report.

20110912Sato-JoeFarrellCPRLast  Meeting – Edie and Joe Farrell brought the club up to speed on current CPR recommendations and described their project to expand AED availability in public places. Lori is now our resident expert.

20110912MelanieProleCalendarsMelanie Prole from Danville Sycamore presented a proposed calendar project, an english version of a fundraiser from Mexico.

Hole in One for Mike Burton comes with prize money, some of which Mike shared with the club.

Angel Island Visit Oct 16? – Don Theile is offering to put together a boat trip, members bring their own picnic lunch and beverage cooler. Signup is today.

Next Week September 26 – Dr Dexter Quiggle will talk about a Rotary Dental Clinic in Tanzania.
Greeter – Valerie Vicente  RIS – Tita Escalada

District Conference is October 7 & 8 in Monterey. The event hotel is sold out but there are many other desireable hotels close by. There’s still time to register for all or any part of the conference. If you can spare a Saturday, sign up for Saturday lunch, come in for the breakouts that begin at 10am, depart after the afternoon breakouts. Or arrive Friday afternoon for the party, stay overnight, go to breakfast and breakouts. Or come down for the magic show on Saturday night, stay over, enjoy Monterey on Sunday morning before returning home. Lots of options at a great destination.

September 20, Tuesday – Food Bank Activity 6pm – 8pm

Gold Nugget –  This week the pot is $50.

Rotary on your smart phone. Set up m.dacdb.com on your smart phone with ID and password, then bookmark it with an icon. Look up any Rotarian in the district.