Dantarian July 18 ’11

2011 Theme – Reach Within to Embrace Humanity

July 18, 2011

Today – A big Danville WELCOME to Michael Webb who will talk to the club about Social Media

July 4 –  Sorry, so far no photos of the July 4 parade float. Thanks to all who participated on behalf of the club.

Bret Johnson

Bret Johnson

Last Week – A full house for pro football athlete Bret Johnson who talked to us about pro ball in general and described the owner and player issues in the current contract negotiation.

20110711ChaceLeonardPresPlaque400Recognitions for Past Pres Tony – Pres Bob presented a happy-to-be-done Past Pres Tony the traditional gavel plaque in appreciation for his service last year. Keith from Joan Buchanan’s office was on hand to present Tony an award  on behalf of Assembly Member Joan.

Backpack Project – Steve Grote proposed a goal of 50 backpacks at $50 each with the members purchasing 25 and the club matching. There were 28 signups. Members who signed up will be billed.

20110711ChaceCambierRotarianYearOne more time – District 5160 Rotarian of the Year Jim Cambier

Coming up –20110711KeithXTonyBuchananAward400

Board meetings are third Thursdays, so the first BOARD MEETING is July 21,

FUN MEETING date at the Roby’s conflicts with the CAR SHOW, will be rescheduled to August.

District Governors Visit is Monday August 1.

District Conference is October 7 & 8 in Monterey.

Greeter’s Gift –  Dave Chadbourne became the first Danville Rotarian to win a bag of coffee with a Rotary Logo 1n the label.

Gold Nugget – No gold for Kathy Chiverton. This week the pot is $150.