Dantarian April 25 ’11

April is Magazine Month

This  Monday April 25 Joleen Lafayette from Loaves and Fishes. Al Rubey will present the Park Meiter Scholarship Awards to two students from MVHS.
Greeter: Chuck Bloch RIS: Tony Leonard

20110418GaryVilhauerLast Week – Gary Vilhauer discussed the work of the Rotary Foundation and its importance to the mission of Danville Rotary.
Never has the club been so warmly GREETED than last week by the team of Evelyn Walker and Valerie Vicente.  Will Chuck Bloch give hugs today?

SRVHS Interactors gave us an update on their activities and sold tickets for their May 7 Car Wash Raffle for Hydraid.20110418InteractorsandRobCuenin

Last Wednesday – Golf Planning Meeting – Committee can update us today.

Next Week May 2– A Pictorial Trip to the Galapagos Islands with Edna Bingham Greeter: Edna Bingham RIS: Gary Vilhauer

May 2 – Fun Group – Second Annual Bowling Outing – 6pm Danville Bowl – only those who like to have fun are invited.

May 21-25 – RI International Convention in New Orleans

20110418PeteKaldveerRIS Pete Kaldveer – Wandered like Moses in the desert from Tustin Rotary, to Palo Alto, to North Oakland before choosing Danville. And all of that after starting out as the original boat person. There’s more. If you missed the meeting, you missed it.

June 4 – June Joust Bocce Ball Tournament at Martinez

June 6 – Golf Tournament committee now forming. See Steve Kay to volunteer.

Gold Marble – Barbara Jewell couldn’t catch a break. This week there is one marble, and a pot of $250.

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